French Grammar


Personal pronoun

Personal pronouns have three unstressed forms and one stressed form. Here is their set:

person polski


subject direct object indirect object stressed form
1 I je me me moi
2 you tu te te toi
3 he il le lui lui
  she elle la lui elle
1 we nous nous nous nous
2 you vous vous vous vous
3 they ils les leur eux
they elles les leur elles

Unstressed pronouns come before the verb. The form of the subject corresponds to the German nominative (who? what?), the form of the direct object - the German accusative (whom? what? I see), the form of the indirect object - the German dative (to whom? to what ? I give something). Examples:

Je te vois. I can see you.

Te le donne. I give it to you.

Ils le lui donnent. They give it to her.

Accented forms occur:

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