French Grammar

Word order

Negative sentence

Basically, negation is double in French:

Je ne parle pas. I don't.

The word ne comes before the verb, pas after the verb.

The word pas is not used if there is a negative word in the sentence:

personne nobody
rien nothing
jamais never
aucun none
nul none
aucunement no way
nullement no way
null part nowhere

Je n'ai jamais été à Paris. I've never been to Paris.

Je ne vois personne. I can't see anyone.

Also, there are several other constructions with ne without using pas:

ne ... que - only

ne ... guère - almost not

ne ... point - not at all

ne ... plus - not anymore

ne ... goutte - not at all.

Il n'achète que les fleurs. He only buys flowers.

Je ne l'aime point. I don't love her at all.

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