Pronunciation of vowels

The Spanish vowels are pronounced approximately in this way: a like in English father, but shorter
o like in English saw, dawn, but shorter
e like in English pet, ten
i like in English teen, he, seed, but shorter
u like in English mood, doom, but shorter


i together with another vowel (in so called diphthongs: ai, ei, oi, ia, ie, io, iu, and in : iai, uai, uei) is pronounced like English y: aire, seis, fiel, estudiar
but í (with accent) is always pronounced like ee in "teen, see" : tranvía, oír, quería
uis not pronounced after q ; after g it's not pronounced before e, i
together with another vowel(in so called diphthongs: au, eu, ou, ua, ue, uo, ui, and triphthongs: uai, uei, uey): like English w in win, way : auto, autobús, causa, buey
but ú (with accent) is always pronounced like in mood, doom : ataúd
üis pronounced like English w in "win"

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