German grammar

Weak declension.

The weak declension includes the vast majority of the female nouns and the following male nouns:

ending with -e

foreign origin accented on the last syllable (including ending with -ant, -ent, -log, -ist, -nom)

nouns: der Mensch, Herr, Nachbar, Bär, Held, Prinz, Fürst, Bauer .

Its characteristics are:

-in feminine ending in -en or -n plural

- masculine ending -en or -n in all cases except singular denominator.


Nder Studentdie Studenten
Gdes Studentender Studenten
Ddem Studentenden Studenten
Aden Studentendie Studenten


Ndie Fraudie Frauen
Gder Frauder Frauen
Dder Frauden Frauen
Adie Fraudie Frauen

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