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Most common Hindi words - part 2

Most common words in Hindi

Nouns :
काम [kaam] = work
आदमी [aadmii] = man
दिन [din] = day
जीवन [jiivan] = life
हाथ [saath] = hand
सरकार [sarkaar] = government

Numbers :
दो [do] = two

Adjectives :
ठीक [thiik] = good, OK
अच्छा [acchaa] = good
सब [sab] = all
पहला [pahlaa] = first
मेरा [meraa] = my

Forms of adjectives :
Adjectives in -aa are declined like का, के, कि :
-aa : before a masculine noun in nominative case singular
-e : before a masculine noun in other cases of singular and in plural
-ii : marker before a feminine noun
अच्छा, अच्छे, अच्छी
पहला, पहले, पहली
मेरा, मेरे, मेरी

Pronouns :
वे [ve] = they, those
ये [ye] = they, these
तू [tuu] = you (only intimate use)
जो [jo] = which (relative pronoun)

Other pronouns :
कुछ [kuch] = something, some, rather
क्या [kyaa] = what, word starting a question
कोई [koii] = somebody

Adverbs :
हाँ [haa~] = yes
यहाँ [yahaa~] = here
वहाँ [vahaa~] = there
अब [ab] = now
बहुत [bahut] = much
फिर [phir] = also
कम [kam] = less
आज [aaj] = now
न [na] = not

लेकिन [lekin] = but
या [yaa] = or

Postpositions :
ने [ne] = marker of subject in past tenses (so called ergative marker)
तक [tak] = to

More postpositions :
के लिए [ke lie] = for
के बाहर [ke baahar] = outside
के बाद​ [ke baad] = after
के साथ में [ke saath mẽ]= together with
के बारे में [ke baare mẽ] = about

Verbs :
करना [karnaa] = do, make
रहना [rahnaa] = live
जाना [jaanaa] = go
कहना [kahnaa] = say
सकना [saknaa] = can
आना [jaanaa] = come
देना [denaa] = give
लेना [lenaa] = take

Inflection forms of pronouns :
मुझे [mujhe] = me (acc.)
इसे [ise] = him, her, it, this
उसे [use] = him, her, it, that

Possessive form and form before postpositions:
इस [is] = his, her, its
उस [us] = him, her, it, that

Inflection forms of verbs :
हूँ [huu~] = I am
हो [ho] = you are
कर [kar] = do , make (imperative), also form used to make other forms
More inflection forms in the next part.

Verbs: forms of होना = to be :
हूँ [huu~] = I am : मौं हूँ
हो [ho] = you are : तुम हो
है [hai] = is : यह है , वह है
हैं [haĩ] = are : ये हैं , वे हैं , आप​ हैं

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