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Most common Hindi words, most frequent words in Hindi

Most common words in Hindi

घर [ghar] = house
बात [baat] = thing, talk, word
तरह [tarah] = sort, kind
समय [samay] = time
लोग [log] = people
भारत [Bhaarat] = India

मैं [maĩ] = I
तुम [tum] = you
आप [aap] = you (formal)
यह [yah] = he, she, it, this
वह [vah] = he, she, it, that
हम [ham] = we

Postpositions of the genitive:
का, के, कि = genitive marker
का [kaa] = marker before a masculine noun in nominative case singular
के [ke] = marker before a masculine noun in other cases of singular and in plural
कि [kii] = marker before a feminine noun
Examples :
राम का घर = Ram's house (Ram is a first name)
राम की बात = Ram's talk / thing (बात is feminine)
भारत के लोग - people of India (people are plural)

Other postpositions :
में [mẽ] = in : भारत में - in India
से [se] = from : भारत से - from India
को [ko] = to
पर [par] = on

नहीं [nahiĩ] = not
तो [to] = then
भी [bhii] = also

Conjunctions :
और [aur] = and

एक [ek] = one, a, an

Verbs: forms of होना = to be :
है [hai] = is
हैं [haĩ] = are

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