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Cases in Hindi in plural - Hindi grammar

Hindi cases in plural - Hindi grammar

Oblique plural

All nouns have the ending -õ in oblique plural.

Male nouns:
The nouns changing -ā or -ā̃ to -e and – ẽ, change them into – õ:
लड़का laRkaa , कुआं kuā̃ - nom.plur. लड़्के laRke, कुएं kuẽ - oblique plur. लड़कों , कुओं
The male nouns in -ii change it in most cases in -iyõ.
Male nouns in -uu in most cases shorten them before õ.

Female nouns:
Nominative plural endings -ā̃ and -ẽ change to – õ.

Vocative plural.
All nouns change -õ into -o in vocative plural.