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Most common Cebuano words, Most frequent words in Bisaya

Most common words in Cebuano / Bisaya / Binisaya / Visayan

Most frequent words are often irregular. To ilustrate their use, let's introduce some frequent nouns and verbs: lalake - man, babaye - woman, balay - house, mipalit - bought, miadto - went, tua - there is, siya - he / she /it.

Five markers: sa, ug/og, ang, si, ni
sa = object marker, English translation : the, sometimes: in, to : mipalit siya sa balay - he bought the house , tua siya sa Manila - he is in Manila, miadto siya sa Manila - she went to Manila
ug = and : Adam ug Eva, lalake ug babaye
og (pronounced ug and written so often) = object marker, English translation : a, an : mipalit siya og balay - he bought a car
ang = the, topic marker : mipalit ang lalake og balay - the man bought a house
si = topic marker for proper names : mipalit si Adam og balay, tua si Adam sa Manila
ni = of : tua ang balay ni Adam - there is the house of Adam

Other words:
mga = forms plural : mga lalake - men, mga babaye - women
nga = linker
Pronouns and possessive words:
ka = you, linker : usa ka lalake - one man, miadto ka - you went

siya = he, she, it : tua siya sa Manila
iyang = his, her, its : iyang balay
imong = your : imong balay - your house

usa = one

Markers are put before nouns. Topic markers are : ang and si for proper nouns. The topic is similar to subject in English, it's the person or thing spoken about in the sentence. Markers for non-topics are : for proper nouns ni, for other nouns : definite (the) sa and indefinite (a, an) og/ug.